Thursday, 21 May 2015


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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Zombicide Season 3 Unpacking vol. 5

Unpacking continues! One of the stretch goals and nice add to the games was VIP-zombies. These peculiar creatures act as a normal zombies but A) have a completely different design and B) when killed grants a VIP-weapon! 

Zombies are packed nicely but IMO there is too many same sculpts in the box. VIP zombies should be unique and different but now there is only four different sculpts in 20 zombies. Don't get me wrong the minis are excellent but this has been such a great Kickstarter campaign that I just have to find something to criticize!

The VIP weapons are golden AK-47, pink M4 and new blades. As with the other small expansions, the amount of useless cards is big.

Lost Zombivors contains all the Zombivor version for the Rue Morgue expansion. Also there are rules to have some Zombivors as Lost. These creatures act as normal zombies but are much harder to kill (5 wounds) and when you manage to kill them you can search ANY weapon from the Equipmnet deck. Nice!

Minis are fantastic and I don't have a problem with that you have to buy a expansion to have zombivors for the Rue Morgue set (on the forums some have).

Ok, all of the small stuff have been opened. Next up, Angry Neightbors!

Monday, 11 May 2015

Zombicide Season 3 Unpacking vol. 4

Now it's time for some additional stuff. Although the kickstarter itself contained plenty of characteristic miniatures CoolMiniOrNot cleverly added some very interesting "hooks" to the deal to make some more money. I got Benny,  Curro and Oksana,

The boxes are again very nicely made and you get the minis and a experience tracker.

With Benny you can clearly see how well these minis are cast. The details are more than nicely done!

 Curro was a no-brainer but how the hell I'm going to paint his suit?

I don't really know who or where Oksana is but the mini and it's pose made me buy it. No regrets here!!

I like the idea of infected animals and now that there was a change to buy some of those I couldn't resist the temptation. Zombie dogs was the first box to open.

Again all of the cards and rules are in four different language which is quite a waste.

The poses and minis are great but all of them have this strange stud beneath them. The pose doesn't need any support so it must be some kind of cast related thing. What ever the reason is I have to cut those out because IMO they ruin the look of the dogs

Although the stretch goals contained some Crowz I really liked the idea of Hitchcock-like bird scene with dozens of infected and deadly crowz!  So, at least one box had to be purchased.

What a waste..

The pose is the same as the stretch goal but I think that the design of the mini really breaks up the similarity of the minis. It will be a one deadly scenario where these little birdies fly around..

Next up: Lost Survivors, VIP zombies and Angry Neightbours!

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Zombicide Season 3 Unpacking vol. 3

Last post was all about cards and dices and now it's time to check out some miniatures!

Here is the box where are all of the stretch goal zombies and survivors.

As always, from the Season 1 on wards, the miniatures are backed extremely well. Every single mini is in it's own little groove.

The A-Bombs are HUGE! It will be quite interesting to paint those suckers!

It continues to amaze me how well detailed these miniatures are. I have seen much worse details on metal figures and here are these cheap plastic mass-produced miniatures with very crisp cast. Of course there are some with not so good details but those are quite rare. Well done CoolMiniOrNot!

I'm pretty sure that I won't ever use these on a Zombicide game but 'cause I'm a terrain freak it's always good to have some new things. These have also very high quality for a plastic pieces.

The Crowz are a nice add-on and the "mini" is really well designed. There is some movement in the pose but fortunately all of the minis are the same. Well, not a big thing.

Then there was the Moustache Pack #2 and a must by for me, the Adrian Smith Special Guest Box. 

Fortunately the Leroy's poor art didn't move on to the mini and all of the miniatures of this box are great. I especially like Paul's pose.

I have been really eager to see the Adrian Smith's Priest miniature and it didn't fail me! What a plastic miniature. I have a soft spot for religious stuff so I had to buy this box and I'm glad I did. The rocker dude is also nice, but nothing compared to the Priest! I also considered the Kevin Walker Special Box, with the clown, but my budged didn't let me take it.

There is a peculiar detail in this box. The character sheets come in four different language. It's quite odd because all of the previous stuff has always been in English. I know that this will be shipped all over the world and this is the easiest way to do this BUT to me it's quite a waste.

 Next up: More miniatures!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Zombicide Season 3 Unpacking vol. 2

Finally I got some time to close myself to the hobbyhut and open all the Zombicide boxes which have been waiting me over two weeks! Darn, time flyes!

First item to dwell in was the dice box. The box itself is sturdy and not too big. I can really see myself to use this although I have never ever thought that I would need one. There were also five stickers to be glued somewhere.

Next was the promo dashboard box which is the made from the same sturdy material as the dice tower. There is one hole for the boards and three little ones for, I guess, the dices and the experience trackers.

Then all of the promo dashboards, holy sh*t how many! There are 39 characters here and I want all of them!! Especially Claudia, Thiago, Rob and The Cardboard Tube Warrior are a must. Quick search from the Ebay reveales that the price of the Tube Warrior alone circles around 50 euros!? 

I was little disappointed that only the promo dashboard fitted in to the box because it woul have been nice to be able to place here also the kickstarter exclusive characterboards. Well, not a major let down.

 I´m really not into special dices but these are little bit different and will be used in my games. The pouch is well made and the logo is cool.

Here are the extra Crowz and VIP Spawn cards and also some Pimp weapon cards. I really dig the Thompson and the Wills Comet Launcher!

I have always though that this game screams for campaigns with experience and stuff and now with this Season comes the experience cards. There is nothing really special about these, I hoped something, well, more, but are a nice little add-on.

Last item was the Team Building Deck which really will come handy for the Season 3. There are always characters that all want to play so this resolves the problem nicely. Again, this isn´t ground breaking but very nice little detail for the game.

Next up: First look into the figures!

Monday, 20 April 2015

Zombicide Season 3 Unpacking vol. 1!

10 months ago I cursed that I didn´t have enough money to go all-in with Zombicide Season 3. Now, 10 months later, when the box is in front of me I still curse that day when I didn´t have enough money to go all-in! Darn, talking about getting something for your money!

This will be a quick overview about what I got and I will post more detailed stuff in the future.

Here is the core game, Rue Morgue, and Angry Neightbors expansion. It will be a happy day when open up these two!

The VIP-zombies, alternative sculpts, some crows, plastic barricades and the bonus survivors were nicely packed in a separate box. Quality all the way!

Here is the dice tower, brown and yellow dices, the team building deck, dashboard box, dice bag and pimp weapon/experience/crow cards.

I bought some extra crows and those nice zombie dogs because I like animals..

Some extra survivors. Benny and Curro were a must buy for me. Have to say that the sculpts are amazing!

Holy Shi*t how much dashboards!!

Adrian Smith has been my favorite artist for looong time and when I saw his Special Guest Box it was a no-brainer. Also the moustache pack #2 was a must buy. The scuplts are far better than the illustrations, expecially Leroy which art was, well, bad.

So there was my Season 3. I will open all the boxes in the near future but if you want to see something sooner, just let me know!

By the way, where I will find the time to paint all this new stuff when all the Season 2 Zombies are still unpainted? Damn you Guillotine Games!! And the Zombicide Black Plague is in the horizon! DARN YOU GUILLOTINE GAMES!!!! And also thanks...=)