Terrain Gallery

For some reason I spend most of my hobby time with terrain. Don´t get me wrong I like to paint and play also but somehow I always tend to stear towards terrain projects. Here is my collection of terrain so far. 

Harbor houses


These belong to my ongoing project of a modular hexboard harbor. I spend way too much time on these but I´m very pleased with the result. Ofcourse there is many things that I could improve but I think that I won´t touch these any more.



A Forest well



  Pond and a River


Forest Hut


 With this piece I tried to make removable walls so that some big nasty monster could come craching through to get the defenders. Experiment worked fine and it also worked in games.

 The Black Tower

This is my very first terrain piece which taught me alot about construction of terrain. It experienced many fierce battles in our Lord of the Rings SBG games. 

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