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Initially my miniature hobby started when I bougth boardgame called War of the Ring. The game was, and still is, jaw-meet-floor type of game and it´s a really a shame that it has been years since I last played it. Anyhow it contained numerous figures and thrue these figures I finally found GW´s Lord of the Rings SBG. Although my intrests are nowadays in other companys products, most of my miniatures are from GW.

As you can see from the figures I have spent varied amount of time with them. Some have been painted in few hours to get them in prober shape for some gaming night whereas some have been on my workbench for months. Some may still need some work and I will return to them, eventually. I just need to hit the precise mood of that exact figure to finish it.

Here is some of my collection of miniatures.

Privateer Press


Dr. Arkadius

Kromac The Ravenous (includes animal form)


Lord of the Rings, SBG (GW)

Giant Spiders

Spider Queen


 There is only these three rather bad picture of this because I painted it to my friend who lives quite far a way and at that time we didn´t consider to take more pictures.


Troll Chieftain

This is my biggest conversion project thus far and among my favorite miniatures with Spider Queen.

Giant Bats

Khandish King

Khandis Chieftain


Khamul the Easterling

 Warg Banner, Orc Shaman & Krishnak

Heroes of the Free People

Warriors of the Free People



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