Monday, 23 March 2015


I have decided to try to arrange hobby time at least once a week. It may sound funny but even that will require some planning to get everything to fit in a week (family, work, training and wrestling) and still get enough sleep. Few years ago I could easily build and paint stuff past midnight and wake up fresh, but now that some water has gone by I have found that I need at least that 8 hours of sleep to be able to recover from life and training.

Yesterday all the stars were in line and I even got something done. To get things moving I painted the last two finished city hexes. Well, finished is a wrong term because I had planned to add more decoration and stuff to these pieces but know I think that it's better to just move on.

My initial plan were to use a basecoat with two drybrush layers, then use dark wash to darken the soil under the tiles and finish it of with light drybrush. I tried to make my own wash with the instructions from The Leadhead but although I used my darkest brown the wash was too light and didn't look right. I had to repaint the piece but that's how things sometimes go. I also though about using black wash but I don't like to use black with terrain because it's quite unnatural in my opinion. Instead of the wash I just used light grey to drybrush the tiles and I think that the result is good enough. If I find dark brown ink somewhere I might give the wash another go.

 If you are a terrain maker remember always keep your eyes open for discount brushes. I have bought countless brush sets in the past and now it's very easy to just choose a right tool for the job.

Missed opportunity

Darn, you should always seize an opportunity when it presents itself. I was wandering at the local flea market and I stumbled across this magnificent toy:

Think about this filled with cars in a game like Zombicide? Or with modern soldiers and terrorist? It was perfect scale, it had nice details and it was cheap (something like 15€). DARN it had everything!! And I walked by. Well, I did change my mind and returned next day but well well, It was gone. As a matter of fact the whole table was gone so it just might have been a dream.


Saturday, 21 March 2015


Some say that our hobby is just playing with little toys or kids stuff or....well many others things also. But when you follow some true masters like Massive voodoo or Jason Hedricks you have to admit that we are talking about an art form. There are many skillful terrain makers out there but now I stumbled across a firm called Scenery Planet. Well, no words. Watch the videos from youtube.

Monday, 16 March 2015

You can take the man out of hobby, but not the hobby out of man

Sometimes you just need a little push. This time it came from Privateer Press forums in a shape off a user named Shoobie. He just commented my thread that "just finish something". F**CKING brilliant!! I have too long though about what I need to do (and in which I don´t have time) rather than what I CAN do. Those harbor hexes have stood there finished for months and I just didn´t pick those up and therefore stalled, badly.

So, today I grapped my brush after five months (?!) of hiatus and let it go.

How can you tell that my hiatus lasted too damn long?

I used very dark grey over the brown basecoat

Over that I drybrushed blueish grey

Of course Dr. Arkadius came to check what the hell was going on.

After the drybrush and with some scenery.

 How about with a house?

I will continue with some drybrushing and ageing but you know, I think that this will end up rather nice!

This session, again, showed me how frigging great and important this hobby is to me!

Resurrection..or only rigor mortis?

Something is stirring under the lid...

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Injury and new SHINY things!!

Yes, I have been quiet for quite some time...again.Well, life happens to throw strange curve balls sometimes and you just have to enjoy the ride. I had a very hard training period and because of my lack of recovery methods (like stretching etc.) my whole right arm become inflamed and I ruptured my brachialis tendon. So all activities with my right hand become quite restricted. No worries though, life is about learning and I indeed learned my lesson here.

While I coudn´t build or paint anything I had more time to read and search for new projects. Two of them really captured my attention and made my wallet scream. First is the Rum&Bones Kickstarter which started somehow slowly but is now going to very interesting direction with a new faction and all. If you haven´t checked it out, do it now!!

Second upgoming game is The Others - 7sins by Guillotine games and Studio McVey. Holy sh*t those miniatures are fine! I immediately though about horror style Zombicide game when I saw Jason Hendrics showcase the sculpts alongside the Zombicide miniatures!! That guy really knows how to push puddy around!

I think Rum&Bones will steal something like 200 dollars from my wallet and I can´t even imagine how expensive the The Others kickstarter will be (it is rumoured to be Kickstarter). Well, as I said, life is a strange creature and you just have to enjoy all of it´s gifts (no matter if those are sometimes costly)!!

Monday, 27 October 2014

Ron and Bones is back? No, behold the Rum & Bones!

There are few things that I regret in my hobby career (and in life actually) but one thing is that I never invested in the Ron & Bones game by Tale of War years ago. It had magnificent figures which oozed atmosphere!

I don´t know anything about the game mechanics but I read somewhere that it was the one downfall of this game. So that opportunity was lost! But BEHOLD, (have you noticed that I like to use this word) one of the industry´s giants, CoolMiniOrNot, bought the rights of this game and is bringing it back with a new, cool and innovative name, Rum and Bones!

The figures seems to be slightly different in style but are still very appealing. You can read the early review from the Bite The Dice. If the rumours and the current trend is right we will soon have a new Kickstarter coming our way. I don´t like the idea because that means I HAVE TO GET THIS GAME!!