Friday, 7 March 2014

Something new and something old..

Again last night I had one chore before I could move to my hobbyhut and continue with the gate. My son´s birthday closes and he asked for a train cake and who am I to deny that kind of request! So, without any experience about cake decoration I embarked on a mission to build Thomas the Tank Engine! I´m pretty happy about the finished product and I think that my terrain skills helped little bit here. Hope that my son likes it!

I will attach the wheels when I put the whole thing on top of the cake on a candy railings.

So what happened at the hobbyhut? Not much because it was late but something anyway.

Now I think that I have enough stairs, for a while, and I will move on. What will be the next step? Well, I don´t know. Something that pop´s in to my mind when I return to the hut.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Some work with the stairs

Before I could continue with my own projects I had to fullfill one important promise last night. My three years old son found our old soccergame from the storage and was immediately fascinated about it. Because some time has went by from the last mach, the game itself had suffered some damage. Just to prevent any tears and to slowly bring boardgames into my son´s life I promised to fix it as soon as possible.

After some glueing, fitting and straightening the game looke little bit better.

Now I just have to wait that the glue dries on the legs of the unfortunate players, but those in place and then the game is ready for some father-son rivalry, Greatness!!

Ok, after this I had some time to work on the gate. Next up was to construct some stairs, again. First I assembled a deck where the stairs would end.

Then I used the same technique as before to construct the stairs. The more I do it this way, the more faster I am. It only took aprox. 15 minutes to build the stairs. Nice! Have to figure out where I can place more stairs =)

Monday, 3 March 2014

What a GREAT looking terrain!!

I am a big fan of fantastic terrain. Not just because those look great but because I fully understand how much time and effort it needs to build jaw-to-the-floor-type of terrain. Here is a prime example of that kind of terrain and of course, it´s made by a Finnish hobbyist!!

You can, and you should, check rest of the pictures from The One Ring-forums.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Second piece of the gate

After I finished the stairs I didn´t know what to do next. Idleness results in time loss so I put that piecer aside and started working with the second piece. The floor had been finished earlier so I started to construct the platforms.

This piece is little different that the other because there is a doorway on to the firing platform. There will be no door, just metal stairs that lead up on to the opening.

I will build some protection for the archers in front of the platform and Dr. Arkadius came to check that I left enought room for that.

Last thing for the night were the planks for the cannon.

Now I have to figure out what kind of stairs lead up to the cannon..

Monday, 24 February 2014

Stairs in Rob Hawkins style

I had planned some stairs on gate and fortunately Rob Hawkins released nice article about building one. Go check it out! I have to say that Rob is one hell of a hobbyist and I wish that some day I could be even close to that level on terrain mastery.

First I constructed a platform where the stairs would begin. For the poles I used real hard wood so that it would endure better.

If you read Rob´s article the next photos doesn´t need any explanation.

First I tried to cut those left overs with knife but good old cutters worked even better.

Then, unlike Rob, I glued the side beams straight on to the gate and started to slap the steps on. Brilliant and fast!

Dr. Arkadius checked that mini with a normal base stays easily on the steps.

Mini with larger base fits in also but because only mini at hand at the moment with bigger base were Kromac with his scenic base, I couldn´t try it proberly.

I´m truly making some progress!

Friday, 21 February 2014


Well, now that the base for the project has been constructed it´s time to make the project really look like a town gate. There will be platforms for archer and also for cannons (!) so it was time to grap some balsa. Because the motto is "faster, higher, better" I opted to use superglue instead of PVA to minimize the drying time. Although the vapors sometimes burns your eyes, this was an exellent choise because I made a Huge progress in no time.

I used wire brush to make some grains to the balsa and then cut same width blanks what I used with the harbor docks. Then I started to lay those down with superglue without unnecessary planning.

Ofcourse my early work was inspected by Dr. Arkadius and the scale looked alright.

For the first archer platform I build simple supports on which I glued some balsa. Because I used balsa for the supports also, I used some metal rods to pin the support to the wall.

As I said earlier there will be a cannon on the upper level so it was next in line.

Dr. Arkadius aproves and so do I. The use of superglue speeded up this project alot and I will continue to use it with this project. All of the above took under hour to complete! Althoug I used only balsa and superglue, the structure is also quite sturdy!

Next up: Some stairs..

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Well, the initial plan to cover the styrofoam didn´t work but that didn´t hold me back. I grapped some wallfiller and started splash it around.

I have to say that thank god that I used the paint/sand mixture because it hardened the surface and helped to spred the filler. Also the sand still comes thrue and gives some drybrushing opportunities. I decided to amplify the effect by dapping the filler, while it was still wet, with Greek seasponge (yes, you have to have Greek one because it will not be the same effect with lets say Norwegian sponge).

The effect is subtle but it´s there. And I aplyed it to all the pieces.

Here are all the pieces together. I like it!

Then I used the same brown paint without the sand to cover the filler and give basecoat to the pieces. I always use brown as a base because I think that it´s more natural than straight black. 

Hah, I´m moving like a train with this project!! Next up some woodworks...