Monday, 20 April 2015

Zombicide Season 3 Unpacking vol. 1!

10 months ago I cursed that I didn´t have enough money to go all-in with Zombicide Season 3. Now, 10 months later, when the box is in front of me I still curse that day when I didn´t have enough money to go all-in! Darn, talking about getting something for your money!

This will be a quick overview about what I got and I will post more detailed stuff in the future.

Here is the core game, Rue Morgue, and Angry Neightbors expansion. It will be a happy day when open up these two!

The VIP-zombies, alternative sculpts, some crows, plastic barricades and the bonus survivors were nicely packed in a separate box. Quality all the way!

Here is the dice tower, brown and yellow dices, the team building deck, dashboard box, dice bag and pimp weapon/experience/crow cards.

I bought some extra crows and those nice zombie dogs because I like animals..

Some extra survivors. Benny and Curro were a must buy for me. Have to say that the sculpts are amazing!

Holy Shi*t how much dashboards!!

Adrian Smith has been my favorite artist for looong time and when I saw his Special Guest Box it was a no-brainer. Also the moustache pack #2 was a must buy. The scuplts are far better than the illustrations, expecially Leroy which art was, well, bad.

So there was my Season 3. I will open all the boxes in the near future but if you want to see something sooner, just let me know!

By the way, where I will find the time to paint all this new stuff when all the Season 2 Zombies are still unpainted? Damn you Guillotine Games!! And the Zombicide Black Plague is in the horizon! DARN YOU GUILLOTINE GAMES!!!! And also thanks...=)

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