Monday, 6 April 2015

Flu and some spare time

There is one good thing that comes with flu and that's the time left for other stuff when you can't physically train. It's not just yet the knock-you-down-and beats-you-up-kind of flu so I can continue with the hex tiles.

Now that I know the color scheme I started painting other stuff also and could for the first time to really see how they interact as a whole. I like!

Let's see how this turn out..

I used very simple weather effect for the rails and it worked like a charm. I just dapled the darker base color on top of the bright grey. I will weather the pieces more in the future.

Because the table itself will be mostly grey I want some color there also without ruining the overall look. I decided to make the trees little bit orange. This is after the first drybrush.

I think that these trees will be the only ones which are alive on the city hexes. Others will be bigger but dead. Why? I don't kown, I just like the idea. Maybe there is something special in this hex.

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