Friday, 20 December 2013

Painted Zombicide Survivors, part III

Wanda and Phil, check!

Wanda isn´t exactly what I wanted partly because the mini didn´t have all the details (especially on the face) and I used too heavy basecoat and missed the remaining ones. Well, live and learn! Phil on the other hand came up great!

And again, group shot!

Sadly I think that I don´t have time to finish Amy before christmas games with my wifes brother but hey, we have played with unpainted models so I think it will be blast anyhow!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Painted Zombicide Survivors, part II

Time for Josh and Ned! Again, nothing fancy but I really like how these turn out. I first painted the bases concrete grey but thought that the characters would be lost in the zombie horde so I decided to painted the bases with the original base colors. This seems to work much better.

And here are the three finished survivors ready to smash some zombies!!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Painted Zombicide Survivors, part I

Although I have had some time to do some hobbying, there have been zero time to blog or write articles for the HCO. I hope that I can scrape few updates here and also to the HCO in the near future because I just started my christmas holiday and I need something to clear my mind from work related subjects.

Half of my Zombicide zombies have been painted and I thought that it´s time to do something to the survivors. I want the figures to be as close to the original paint scheme as possible because I think that the original survivors are really cool and it also helps me that I don´t have to figure out the colors. I want the characters to pop up from the zombiehorde so I chosed white basecolor:

 I decided to "sketch" all the base colors for the figures to get a overal feel of the miniatures:

I chose Doug to be the first one to be fully painted because he´s mainly black and white and so fastest to finish

Although I really don´t want to spend much time with the individual miniatures because there is still so much to do I really like how Doug turned out! I think that Josh will be next..