Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Painted Zombicide Survivors, part I

Although I have had some time to do some hobbying, there have been zero time to blog or write articles for the HCO. I hope that I can scrape few updates here and also to the HCO in the near future because I just started my christmas holiday and I need something to clear my mind from work related subjects.

Half of my Zombicide zombies have been painted and I thought that it´s time to do something to the survivors. I want the figures to be as close to the original paint scheme as possible because I think that the original survivors are really cool and it also helps me that I don´t have to figure out the colors. I want the characters to pop up from the zombiehorde so I chosed white basecolor:

 I decided to "sketch" all the base colors for the figures to get a overal feel of the miniatures:

I chose Doug to be the first one to be fully painted because he´s mainly black and white and so fastest to finish

Although I really don´t want to spend much time with the individual miniatures because there is still so much to do I really like how Doug turned out! I think that Josh will be next..

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