Saturday, 7 September 2013

Patching things up..

Because I don´t play much these days my miniatures have been store in a big black box. This way it has been easy to move them around for example to the gaming weakend or relocation of our whole household. Although the minis are placed in a foam there have occurred some damage for the miniatures. Fixing these, like a lot hobby related stuff, has been a task which has been pushed and pushed further to the future.

When I scoured through my unpainted miniatures I decided that now was the time to do something. On the list were:
  • New base for Sauron
  • Reattach several warriors of Minas Tirith and their horse to the bases. Fix broken spears also
  • Do something to the bases of Rangers of Gondor
  •  Base the Charriots and fix all the broken parts
I started with the rangers because this was the quickest job. I just took some glue and  dark green grass from Mini Natur and placed the grass so that the rangers try to use it as a cover.

Then I fixed the Minas Tirith warriors. I always have hated the plastic riders because those are very poorly designed considering the attachment of the horse to the base. Because there is only one leg of the horse which touch the base, it brakes of very easily. This time I drilled heavy duty metal rod to the leg and glued it to the base. I hid the rod behind Mini Naturs green bush.

For the charriots I glued the wheels in place and used thin metal wire to make harness for the horses. It came out very well.

I did the same for the other charriot also and then used some glue and sand to base the base. At the same time I glued few plaster rocks under the Sauron. I think that I will paint some lava under the Dark Lord.

I´m pleased that I finally finished these small chores. I hope that the painting won´t take this long!

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