Monday, 27 October 2014

Ron and Bones is back? No, behold the Rum & Bones!

There are few things that I regret in my hobby career (and in life actually) but one thing is that I never invested in the Ron & Bones game by Tale of War years ago. It had magnificent figures which oozed atmosphere!

I don´t know anything about the game mechanics but I read somewhere that it was the one downfall of this game. So that opportunity was lost! But BEHOLD, (have you noticed that I like to use this word) one of the industry´s giants, CoolMiniOrNot, bought the rights of this game and is bringing it back with a new, cool and innovative name, Rum and Bones!

The figures seems to be slightly different in style but are still very appealing. You can read the early review from the Bite The Dice. If the rumours and the current trend is right we will soon have a new Kickstarter coming our way. I don´t like the idea because that means I HAVE TO GET THIS GAME!!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Pimp Your Zombicide!

On a few occasions I have mentioned that I´m planning to make some custom mission, objectives and characters in to the Zombicide. My initial plan is to add modern soldiers with humans-fight-back and rescue-type of missions.

Well, clearly I´m not the only one how sees the massive potential of this game and I have to say that the guys behind Castles & Cooks have done a really goof job. I think I just have to buy the miniatures and try these! Click the pictures for details and more characters!

Hey, come on. Who wouldn´t want to battle the zombies with Batman?
I love this stuff!!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Until it feels right..

When I build my harbor houses I remember that somebody asked me why it took so long to finish only three houses. I said that I call the project finished when it feels right. Now the same is happening with the Zombicide survivors. I try to follow the character sheets colors but still try to work as fast as possible. The funny thing is that when something doesn´t feel right I just can´t let it be.

I painted Watts trousers brown and moved on but there was something wrong. I pondered it for a while and decided that the brown on the trousers was too cold. So I opted for warmer color, Bestial Brown. The difference is not huge BUT it felt right immediately.

Bestial Brown on the right

Bestial brown on the left. Here you can see the difference better
Well whats the point? The point is that although this correction took only 5 minutes, imagine how long it takes me to build or correct something big or huge when "it doesn´t feel right"? So don´t ask me when the harbor TABLE is ready =)

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Slow progress

It´s really annoying when your own mistakes and laziness creeps up with you after some time. Now that my painting table is in order and I´m back painting some miniatures, I constantly have to stop and maintain my paints because they resemble more snot than paint. This of course have happened because I obviously haven´t had the time and effort to do something about my large collection of paints for quite some time. Yes, it would take some time to do this every now and then but in hindsight it wouldn´t be a annoying little problem when painting.

Well, live and learn. Here is Watts at the moment.

I have had a little temptation to invest some cash to the X-wing and I have to say that watching this battle doesn´t make the decision NOT to buy any of the ships any easier...

Friday, 10 October 2014

Very nice miniatures

I received a while ago little baggage from Statuesque Miniatures and have to say that I´m very pleased about the quality of the miniatures which came in that baggage. The miniatures are from their Pulp category and are named "Lillie Poots" and "Frothing Loonies". Here is what I got:

As you can see these are metal and Loonies come with standard bases and Poots have a smaller round base. The details are very good and there is very little mold lines. Here are the Loonies

You have two sprues where to chose the heads and there are really good expressions on the faces

 Here is a close up:

Then there is the "Lillie Poots". Again very nice little miniature and has that "where am I" or "whats there in the darkness" feeling to it!

I bought these for some thematic Zombicide mission and now that I have seen the quality of these miniatures I have to say that I´m little sad that I didn´t also order these miniatures at the same time:

I´m pretty sure that I will purchase these also because my mind just explodes from mission ideas just by looking at these miniatures. Well, have to paint the Loonies and Poots first. And the Season 2 survivors. And the Season 2 Zombies. And work on my harbor board. And finish the gate. And maybe start the 3D-board for the Zombicide. And try to live, train and spend some time with the family. Hmmm...and sleep. 

But hey, it´s good to plan well ahead! 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Painting Zombicide Season 2 Survivors.

I finally got my hobby hut in order (it took almost three weeks) and because it´s now clean and really invites you to do something I immediately got the new survivors out and started painting.

The fun side is that now I also have to paint the Zombivor version, not just the survivors. I think that I will tackle two survivors at a time so four minis under the brush at the same time.

 I really think that the details of these minis are exceptional in spite that these are rather soft plastic. When compared to the Season 1 survivors the Guillotine Games have really pushed the quality forward. I remember that Wanda from Season 1 was quite bad but every mini in Season 2 seems to be ok.

I have used white under paint before for important figures and I used it here also. White gives a nice "pop" and brightness for the colors and this way the survivors differ nicely from the masses of zombies (which have a brown base coat and a heavy dark wash). Now days I use white glossy spray paint from the local hardware shop because it´s cheap and I think that the next layer of paint spreads really well over it.

First survivors who get the paintjob are Grindlock and Watts!

I like to follow the paint scheme from the cards with the figures so that the aesthetics of the game remain. So first the white, then the base colors and finally some highlights. Nothing fancy or time consuming. Here is a line up after the base colors:

These will rock!!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

If you do something, do it right!

I have to say that Demigods Rising is really turning out to be a fine investment. The game looks superb and the miniatures should be quite outstanding BUT the guys behind it send all the backers a Print-and-Play version of the game!! Great!

Well of course I don´t have anybody to play it with but the idea is rather pleasing if you consider that the actual game will be shipped some where near next summer. Now you can see all the cards and other details and although these could change, it´s nice to tinker around with these. I can really see that this will even more build the hype around this game.

They also are building up a forum for the backers to discuss and give feedback of the game. This kind of activity really deserves an applause and as a backer you really think that your opinion is wanted and heard (no matter what the reality is).

If you commit yourself to something, do it right from the start and you can even get something out of it!