Thursday, 9 October 2014

Painting Zombicide Season 2 Survivors.

I finally got my hobby hut in order (it took almost three weeks) and because it´s now clean and really invites you to do something I immediately got the new survivors out and started painting.

The fun side is that now I also have to paint the Zombivor version, not just the survivors. I think that I will tackle two survivors at a time so four minis under the brush at the same time.

 I really think that the details of these minis are exceptional in spite that these are rather soft plastic. When compared to the Season 1 survivors the Guillotine Games have really pushed the quality forward. I remember that Wanda from Season 1 was quite bad but every mini in Season 2 seems to be ok.

I have used white under paint before for important figures and I used it here also. White gives a nice "pop" and brightness for the colors and this way the survivors differ nicely from the masses of zombies (which have a brown base coat and a heavy dark wash). Now days I use white glossy spray paint from the local hardware shop because it´s cheap and I think that the next layer of paint spreads really well over it.

First survivors who get the paintjob are Grindlock and Watts!

I like to follow the paint scheme from the cards with the figures so that the aesthetics of the game remain. So first the white, then the base colors and finally some highlights. Nothing fancy or time consuming. Here is a line up after the base colors:

These will rock!!

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