Friday, 10 October 2014

Very nice miniatures

I received a while ago little baggage from Statuesque Miniatures and have to say that I´m very pleased about the quality of the miniatures which came in that baggage. The miniatures are from their Pulp category and are named "Lillie Poots" and "Frothing Loonies". Here is what I got:

As you can see these are metal and Loonies come with standard bases and Poots have a smaller round base. The details are very good and there is very little mold lines. Here are the Loonies

You have two sprues where to chose the heads and there are really good expressions on the faces

 Here is a close up:

Then there is the "Lillie Poots". Again very nice little miniature and has that "where am I" or "whats there in the darkness" feeling to it!

I bought these for some thematic Zombicide mission and now that I have seen the quality of these miniatures I have to say that I´m little sad that I didn´t also order these miniatures at the same time:

I´m pretty sure that I will purchase these also because my mind just explodes from mission ideas just by looking at these miniatures. Well, have to paint the Loonies and Poots first. And the Season 2 survivors. And the Season 2 Zombies. And work on my harbor board. And finish the gate. And maybe start the 3D-board for the Zombicide. And try to live, train and spend some time with the family. Hmmm...and sleep. 

But hey, it´s good to plan well ahead! 

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