Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Until it feels right..

When I build my harbor houses I remember that somebody asked me why it took so long to finish only three houses. I said that I call the project finished when it feels right. Now the same is happening with the Zombicide survivors. I try to follow the character sheets colors but still try to work as fast as possible. The funny thing is that when something doesn´t feel right I just can´t let it be.

I painted Watts trousers brown and moved on but there was something wrong. I pondered it for a while and decided that the brown on the trousers was too cold. So I opted for warmer color, Bestial Brown. The difference is not huge BUT it felt right immediately.

Bestial Brown on the right

Bestial brown on the left. Here you can see the difference better
Well whats the point? The point is that although this correction took only 5 minutes, imagine how long it takes me to build or correct something big or huge when "it doesn´t feel right"? So don´t ask me when the harbor TABLE is ready =)

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