Wednesday, 8 October 2014

If you do something, do it right!

I have to say that Demigods Rising is really turning out to be a fine investment. The game looks superb and the miniatures should be quite outstanding BUT the guys behind it send all the backers a Print-and-Play version of the game!! Great!

Well of course I don´t have anybody to play it with but the idea is rather pleasing if you consider that the actual game will be shipped some where near next summer. Now you can see all the cards and other details and although these could change, it´s nice to tinker around with these. I can really see that this will even more build the hype around this game.

They also are building up a forum for the backers to discuss and give feedback of the game. This kind of activity really deserves an applause and as a backer you really think that your opinion is wanted and heard (no matter what the reality is).

If you commit yourself to something, do it right from the start and you can even get something out of it! 

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