Monday, 27 October 2014

Ron and Bones is back? No, behold the Rum & Bones!

There are few things that I regret in my hobby career (and in life actually) but one thing is that I never invested in the Ron & Bones game by Tale of War years ago. It had magnificent figures which oozed atmosphere!

I don´t know anything about the game mechanics but I read somewhere that it was the one downfall of this game. So that opportunity was lost! But BEHOLD, (have you noticed that I like to use this word) one of the industry´s giants, CoolMiniOrNot, bought the rights of this game and is bringing it back with a new, cool and innovative name, Rum and Bones!

The figures seems to be slightly different in style but are still very appealing. You can read the early review from the Bite The Dice. If the rumours and the current trend is right we will soon have a new Kickstarter coming our way. I don´t like the idea because that means I HAVE TO GET THIS GAME!!

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