Thursday, 11 December 2014

Injury and new SHINY things!!

Yes, I have been quiet for quite some time...again.Well, life happens to throw strange curve balls sometimes and you just have to enjoy the ride. I had a very hard training period and because of my lack of recovery methods (like stretching etc.) my whole right arm become inflamed and I ruptured my brachialis tendon. So all activities with my right hand become quite restricted. No worries though, life is about learning and I indeed learned my lesson here.

While I coudn´t build or paint anything I had more time to read and search for new projects. Two of them really captured my attention and made my wallet scream. First is the Rum&Bones Kickstarter which started somehow slowly but is now going to very interesting direction with a new faction and all. If you haven´t checked it out, do it now!!

Second upgoming game is The Others - 7sins by Guillotine games and Studio McVey. Holy sh*t those miniatures are fine! I immediately though about horror style Zombicide game when I saw Jason Hendrics showcase the sculpts alongside the Zombicide miniatures!! That guy really knows how to push puddy around!

I think Rum&Bones will steal something like 200 dollars from my wallet and I can´t even imagine how expensive the The Others kickstarter will be (it is rumoured to be Kickstarter). Well, as I said, life is a strange creature and you just have to enjoy all of it´s gifts (no matter if those are sometimes costly)!!

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