Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Zombicide Season 3 Unpacking vol. 2

Finally I got some time to close myself to the hobbyhut and open all the Zombicide boxes which have been waiting me over two weeks! Darn, time flyes!

First item to dwell in was the dice box. The box itself is sturdy and not too big. I can really see myself to use this although I have never ever thought that I would need one. There were also five stickers to be glued somewhere.

Next was the promo dashboard box which is the made from the same sturdy material as the dice tower. There is one hole for the boards and three little ones for, I guess, the dices and the experience trackers.

Then all of the promo dashboards, holy sh*t how many! There are 39 characters here and I want all of them!! Especially Claudia, Thiago, Rob and The Cardboard Tube Warrior are a must. Quick search from the Ebay reveales that the price of the Tube Warrior alone circles around 50 euros!? 

I was little disappointed that only the promo dashboard fitted in to the box because it woul have been nice to be able to place here also the kickstarter exclusive characterboards. Well, not a major let down.

 I´m really not into special dices but these are little bit different and will be used in my games. The pouch is well made and the logo is cool.

Here are the extra Crowz and VIP Spawn cards and also some Pimp weapon cards. I really dig the Thompson and the Wills Comet Launcher!

I have always though that this game screams for campaigns with experience and stuff and now with this Season comes the experience cards. There is nothing really special about these, I hoped something, well, more, but are a nice little add-on.

Last item was the Team Building Deck which really will come handy for the Season 3. There are always characters that all want to play so this resolves the problem nicely. Again, this isn´t ground breaking but very nice little detail for the game.

Next up: First look into the figures!

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