Sunday, 17 May 2015

Zombicide Season 3 Unpacking vol. 5

Unpacking continues! One of the stretch goals and nice add to the games was VIP-zombies. These peculiar creatures act as a normal zombies but A) have a completely different design and B) when killed grants a VIP-weapon! 

Zombies are packed nicely but IMO there is too many same sculpts in the box. VIP zombies should be unique and different but now there is only four different sculpts in 20 zombies. Don't get me wrong the minis are excellent but this has been such a great Kickstarter campaign that I just have to find something to criticize!

The VIP weapons are golden AK-47, pink M4 and new blades. As with the other small expansions, the amount of useless cards is big.

Lost Zombivors contains all the Zombivor version for the Rue Morgue expansion. Also there are rules to have some Zombivors as Lost. These creatures act as normal zombies but are much harder to kill (5 wounds) and when you manage to kill them you can search ANY weapon from the Equipmnet deck. Nice!

Minis are fantastic and I don't have a problem with that you have to buy a expansion to have zombivors for the Rue Morgue set (on the forums some have).

Ok, all of the small stuff have been opened. Next up, Angry Neightbors!

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