Sunday, 10 May 2015

Zombicide Season 3 Unpacking vol. 3

Last post was all about cards and dices and now it's time to check out some miniatures!

Here is the box where are all of the stretch goal zombies and survivors.

As always, from the Season 1 on wards, the miniatures are backed extremely well. Every single mini is in it's own little groove.

The A-Bombs are HUGE! It will be quite interesting to paint those suckers!

It continues to amaze me how well detailed these miniatures are. I have seen much worse details on metal figures and here are these cheap plastic mass-produced miniatures with very crisp cast. Of course there are some with not so good details but those are quite rare. Well done CoolMiniOrNot!

I'm pretty sure that I won't ever use these on a Zombicide game but 'cause I'm a terrain freak it's always good to have some new things. These have also very high quality for a plastic pieces.

The Crowz are a nice add-on and the "mini" is really well designed. There is some movement in the pose but fortunately all of the minis are the same. Well, not a big thing.

Then there was the Moustache Pack #2 and a must by for me, the Adrian Smith Special Guest Box. 

Fortunately the Leroy's poor art didn't move on to the mini and all of the miniatures of this box are great. I especially like Paul's pose.

I have been really eager to see the Adrian Smith's Priest miniature and it didn't fail me! What a plastic miniature. I have a soft spot for religious stuff so I had to buy this box and I'm glad I did. The rocker dude is also nice, but nothing compared to the Priest! I also considered the Kevin Walker Special Box, with the clown, but my budged didn't let me take it.

There is a peculiar detail in this box. The character sheets come in four different language. It's quite odd because all of the previous stuff has always been in English. I know that this will be shipped all over the world and this is the easiest way to do this BUT to me it's quite a waste.

 Next up: More miniatures!

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