Monday, 11 May 2015

Zombicide Season 3 Unpacking vol. 4

Now it's time for some additional stuff. Although the kickstarter itself contained plenty of characteristic miniatures CoolMiniOrNot cleverly added some very interesting "hooks" to the deal to make some more money. I got Benny,  Curro and Oksana,

The boxes are again very nicely made and you get the minis and a experience tracker.

With Benny you can clearly see how well these minis are cast. The details are more than nicely done!

 Curro was a no-brainer but how the hell I'm going to paint his suit?

I don't really know who or where Oksana is but the mini and it's pose made me buy it. No regrets here!!

I like the idea of infected animals and now that there was a change to buy some of those I couldn't resist the temptation. Zombie dogs was the first box to open.

Again all of the cards and rules are in four different language which is quite a waste.

The poses and minis are great but all of them have this strange stud beneath them. The pose doesn't need any support so it must be some kind of cast related thing. What ever the reason is I have to cut those out because IMO they ruin the look of the dogs

Although the stretch goals contained some Crowz I really liked the idea of Hitchcock-like bird scene with dozens of infected and deadly crowz!  So, at least one box had to be purchased.

What a waste..

The pose is the same as the stretch goal but I think that the design of the mini really breaks up the similarity of the minis. It will be a one deadly scenario where these little birdies fly around..

Next up: Lost Survivors, VIP zombies and Angry Neightbours!

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