Saturday, 4 January 2014

Unexpected inspiration for the harbour gamingtable..

Because I don´t have much time at the moment to build my harbor board I have planned and drew quite alot of sketches about possible future projects and one has been a gate to the city. Here is the idea..

Now for christmas present for myself I bought a new TV (the olympics are coming!) and when I unpacked it the TV itself didn´t suprise me but the patting of the box did. Here is one of the styrene pieces on my table.

Can you see what I saw? It´s a frigging towngate!!! Here is some thoughs about it.

The red lines are where I´m going to cut the styrene for three pieces (easier to storage). The green resembles the gates so one big main gate and on smaller door. Orange things are statues of some sort. Then there is going to be flags, stairs and stuff as I planned in the original skecth.

The styrene makes a great base for the gate but I have to reinforce it with MDF and foamboard because it ´s quite fragile. However it saves a ton of time and gives a great opportunity and inspiration to build a MASSIVE town gate!!!

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