Thursday, 14 August 2014


It´s funny how little things can spark a whole bunch of ideas and HUGE motivation for terrain projects. I saw an screenshot from a game I don´t remember and there were huge trees which had taken over an ancient city. Immediately I had an epiphany about my harbor town, not just on one hex but the whole town and it´s surroundings. I had been waiting something like this and I quickly doodled my ideas to my trusted Note 10.1. After this I decided to make a little test-run with the trees on one hex before launching full on Tree attack upon my town!

After the metal wires it was time to add some Milliput.

My plan is to make even the smallest trees so high that normal figure can be placed underneath them. That´s why I made the metal wires and glued Woodland Scenic´s chopped up tree bases on top of them. After the puddy I could just plug the trees on and take them of for storage. These will be nice!

The trees were my first idea and the second is called "heavenly roads" which is still on planning stage but nailed my problem about the hexes outside of the town. If I can pull this idea off, it will be sweet but knowing my work schedule, it can take some time! 

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