Monday, 29 April 2013

Holy cow! An update with Zombies!!!

Been quite busy with my normal life and haven´t really had any time for hobbystuff. So when my wife took the kids to see her parents I soon realized that I had few hours spare time. To the hobby hut!!!

It took a while to get my mind on the right frequency and catch up what I could do. The well was almost finished so I decided to lay basecolor on it first.

Because I was some how in a hurry I made an awfull mistake. This is what happens when you take too much time off from the hobby. I didn´t seal the surface of the foam and used spray to paint the basecolor! WHAT!!?!??! I have never ever made this mistake! Well live and learn. The end result was not a disaster. Because I had spread some woodfiller on to the foam to act like a chipped off plaster most of the foam was secured. The top and the front tiles took the most of the damage. Although now I think that those tiles really look old and worn. I hope that the second layer of paint will show the result better.

 When the well was drying I worked on one of the board hexes. This hex will be a raised platform to a house. I figured that it would need some kind of railing so I cut and glued thin plastic strips to the side of the platform. This will act as a base for the railing. I didn´t remember to took any more pictures so you have to wait the next update to see more.

Wait just a minute!!! A while ago I promised to show how the rest of the zombiehorde colored out. Better later than ever so here are some pics:

I wanted the runners to stand up from the horde and painted some markings on to the bases. It works rather good.

 Let´s hope that the next update doesn´t take too long!!

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