Monday, 24 June 2013

Slowly starting up..

It really seems that I can finally find some time to paint and build some stuff now days. The time is very limited but hey, better than nothing!

Because I can´t really work on anything big, I decided to paint some Lotr minis that have been laying around for quite some time. This way I can slowly scrape away the rust that my hobby skills have collected for the past three months. First two minis that I found were Cirion and Madril, the stout defenders of Minas Tirith. Here is some rather bad pics (because I´m rusty I forgot to take my camera and had to use my phone) what I managed to do in about four hour:

And here they are with some company:

Nothing fancy but Oh lord how fun that was! This painting session reminded my about a) how much I like this hobby and b) how important thing it is for me considering my mental health! Because my two kids and a job take about 99% of my time it really purifies my mind when I can just sit and consentrate on something small. It was like to a religious enlightment!!

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