Friday, 11 July 2014


Well, whoah! Last post seems to be from march and I can´t believe that time has gone so fast. It has been easily my busiest four months ever and although I have been on vacation over three weeks, I still feel that I´m not fully recovered. Fortunately my vacation will last over 6 months (!!) so I think that I can get back to work on my projects little bit often, maybe =)

I still managed to work on different projects here and there but unfortunately my cellphones memory card  corrupted and I lost almost all of the In-Progress shots. I try to hunt down some pics but here are few.

I finally finished pinning and green stuffying the Fellbeast and now it´s time to give him some paint. Plan is to use my airbrush for the first time on this project.

This was one little add for one hex, metal wire trees. I saw one new game where the city was "overrun" by old trees and decided that that would also be the case with my harbor board. So for the future lots of trees that have gone wild!

In these four months my Zombicide has have the most usage. I still love the game and finished painting of the miniatures. I will take some pics today so the next post will show a fully painted Zombicide, Season 1!!

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