Monday, 23 March 2015


I have decided to try to arrange hobby time at least once a week. It may sound funny but even that will require some planning to get everything to fit in a week (family, work, training and wrestling) and still get enough sleep. Few years ago I could easily build and paint stuff past midnight and wake up fresh, but now that some water has gone by I have found that I need at least that 8 hours of sleep to be able to recover from life and training.

Yesterday all the stars were in line and I even got something done. To get things moving I painted the last two finished city hexes. Well, finished is a wrong term because I had planned to add more decoration and stuff to these pieces but know I think that it's better to just move on.

My initial plan were to use a basecoat with two drybrush layers, then use dark wash to darken the soil under the tiles and finish it of with light drybrush. I tried to make my own wash with the instructions from The Leadhead but although I used my darkest brown the wash was too light and didn't look right. I had to repaint the piece but that's how things sometimes go. I also though about using black wash but I don't like to use black with terrain because it's quite unnatural in my opinion. Instead of the wash I just used light grey to drybrush the tiles and I think that the result is good enough. If I find dark brown ink somewhere I might give the wash another go.

 If you are a terrain maker remember always keep your eyes open for discount brushes. I have bought countless brush sets in the past and now it's very easy to just choose a right tool for the job.

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