Monday, 16 March 2015

You can take the man out of hobby, but not the hobby out of man

Sometimes you just need a little push. This time it came from Privateer Press forums in a shape off a user named Shoobie. He just commented my thread that "just finish something". F**CKING brilliant!! I have too long though about what I need to do (and in which I don´t have time) rather than what I CAN do. Those harbor hexes have stood there finished for months and I just didn´t pick those up and therefore stalled, badly.

So, today I grapped my brush after five months (?!) of hiatus and let it go.

How can you tell that my hiatus lasted too damn long?

I used very dark grey over the brown basecoat

Over that I drybrushed blueish grey

Of course Dr. Arkadius came to check what the hell was going on.

After the drybrush and with some scenery.

 How about with a house?

I will continue with some drybrushing and ageing but you know, I think that this will end up rather nice!

This session, again, showed me how frigging great and important this hobby is to me!

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