Monday, 17 February 2014

Back on track with the Gate

Surprisingly I have had quite a lot of time to work with the gate. Why I haven´t posted more pics then you may ask? Because I have spend all the extra time with the gate to get things moving! Because I tend to plan more than build, I decided to cut down the planning with this project and try to work as streamlined as possible. Let´s see how i manage to do that!

Now it´s time to post some of the progres shots and future updates are coming soon, I hope =).

Because the styrofoam is fragile, I had to base the parts and used some MDF to do this. Because I have planned to add some thematic details alongside the gate pieces, I cut the bases a bit bigger in some places.

Then I used PVA glue to attach the bases and placed some weights on top to prevent warping. After the glue dried I still reinforced the structure with long screws.

There will be firing platforms on top of the gates so I cut few doorways without much planning. Because the town has been a rich harbour city years ago I visioned that some may have attacked against it so I cut small hole to the wall (with cracks) where a rock of a trebuche has been struck.

Because this project is all about speedbuilding and fun, I mixed some houshold paint with sand in the hope to cover the styrofoam and it´s surface texture and also give some base to drybrush.

Well the plan didn´t work because the stryrofoam texture still shines through.

Well, this is  a problem that I will tackle in the next post.

I´m so PSYCHED about this project!!!

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