Friday, 21 February 2014


Well, now that the base for the project has been constructed it´s time to make the project really look like a town gate. There will be platforms for archer and also for cannons (!) so it was time to grap some balsa. Because the motto is "faster, higher, better" I opted to use superglue instead of PVA to minimize the drying time. Although the vapors sometimes burns your eyes, this was an exellent choise because I made a Huge progress in no time.

I used wire brush to make some grains to the balsa and then cut same width blanks what I used with the harbor docks. Then I started to lay those down with superglue without unnecessary planning.

Ofcourse my early work was inspected by Dr. Arkadius and the scale looked alright.

For the first archer platform I build simple supports on which I glued some balsa. Because I used balsa for the supports also, I used some metal rods to pin the support to the wall.

As I said earlier there will be a cannon on the upper level so it was next in line.

Dr. Arkadius aproves and so do I. The use of superglue speeded up this project alot and I will continue to use it with this project. All of the above took under hour to complete! Althoug I used only balsa and superglue, the structure is also quite sturdy!

Next up: Some stairs..

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