Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Well, the initial plan to cover the styrofoam didn´t work but that didn´t hold me back. I grapped some wallfiller and started splash it around.

I have to say that thank god that I used the paint/sand mixture because it hardened the surface and helped to spred the filler. Also the sand still comes thrue and gives some drybrushing opportunities. I decided to amplify the effect by dapping the filler, while it was still wet, with Greek seasponge (yes, you have to have Greek one because it will not be the same effect with lets say Norwegian sponge).

The effect is subtle but it´s there. And I aplyed it to all the pieces.

Here are all the pieces together. I like it!

Then I used the same brown paint without the sand to cover the filler and give basecoat to the pieces. I always use brown as a base because I think that it´s more natural than straight black. 

Hah, I´m moving like a train with this project!! Next up some woodworks...

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