Monday, 24 February 2014

Stairs in Rob Hawkins style

I had planned some stairs on gate and fortunately Rob Hawkins released nice article about building one. Go check it out! I have to say that Rob is one hell of a hobbyist and I wish that some day I could be even close to that level on terrain mastery.

First I constructed a platform where the stairs would begin. For the poles I used real hard wood so that it would endure better.

If you read Rob´s article the next photos doesn´t need any explanation.

First I tried to cut those left overs with knife but good old cutters worked even better.

Then, unlike Rob, I glued the side beams straight on to the gate and started to slap the steps on. Brilliant and fast!

Dr. Arkadius checked that mini with a normal base stays easily on the steps.

Mini with larger base fits in also but because only mini at hand at the moment with bigger base were Kromac with his scenic base, I couldn´t try it proberly.

I´m truly making some progress!

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