Friday, 1 February 2013


Even though I´m sick as a dog I had to rush to my hobbyhut when my mother-in-law came for a visit. No, I wasn´t running away because she often brings good food but no she brought something more brilliant. My wifes old stereo!!! Have I eaten so much wrong kind of pills that I´m freaking out for some out dated tech? Again, no.

At to this precise moment I have always listened some radiostation when working. Some times it ok but most of the time the music or speech just doesn´t create right kind of athmosphere. Now I can play what ever I want when ever I want and as loud as I want. Great!!

 You may think that I´m a stingy bastard because I haven´t gone to some shop and bought a new stereo (well, I might just be) but at to this moment there just haven´t been enough loose cash (kids you now) or the right feeling to do so. That´s why I´m more than happy to recieve this marvelous machinery.

Forget your IPads, Note2´s, Anthem´s or Technics because this thing rocks!! It plays CD´s (3-CD changer, just wow), has a radio and what´s important, plays tapes. CASETTES!?!?!? HAha, have to go to some flea market to bick up tapes, the older the better. It would be so cool to find some old-school rap!!

On top of this all, it´s also very polite thing because it salutes you when you turn on the power.

In this marvelous happines created by technology and drugs I can add few very groggy pics to the end of this post. These represent my new terrain experiment which could solve some problems or create some more, I don´t know. But if you know or ques what´s going on, please enlighten me!! =)

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