Monday, 4 February 2013

Mind tweeking and start of a new hex!

Weekend was so full of surprises that it took some time to adjust the brainds on terrain frequenzy today. Any how I think that that adjustment was pretty succesful because I figured out a new hex!

From the start I have pondered how I will fit the houses on to the board if it´s too full of stuff. I could leave the hexes quite empty but then the whole idea of hexes would be lost (Ofcourse there will be empty hexes but not too much). So now I came up one solution for this.

That platform is glued on top of the hex. It gives enought space for the house and makes it more impressive by lifting it above the ground. Because of the shape of the hex, you can turn that hex around until you find the right configuration where everything fits in.

Because the platform goes over the edge of the hex it also covers the joints nicely and breaks the "hexview".
There will be wide stairs leading on top off the platform and also somekind of railing around the edges.

I will streghten the parts which go over the edges to prevent breaking. I´m planning also to cover the sides with somekind of tiling which would also give some protection for the foam.

Let´s see how this works out!

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