Friday, 1 February 2013

Some progress with the well

Like I mentioned in the last post I was little worried about how the well would persist all the handling because I didn´t pin it to the platic place. This in mind I decided to make the upper part of the well little bit sturdier than I had planned.

Firstly I made end caps for the pilars. Here I noticed that the columns from PK-Pro are not unified in lenght. The error isn´t big but I had to make little adjustment with plastic pieces so that the top half would be level.

Then I used the round foam piece, from the very first cut when starting the hex, to draw outlines for the plastic support piece.
I have noticed that when cutting complex shapes and working with them it´s not clever to immediately throw away the left overs because you can maybe use them later on. This has been the case many times with this table project

Like you see from the upper picture the idea is to mount the pilars to the plastic. Over this plastic sheet I glued and pinned a round piece of foam which will be the base for all the decoration.

After some dryfitting I drilled the support pins in place, placed the tophalf on with glue and cut the pins in right lenght. Some extra weight was needed to get the joint tight.

Soon I have again enough material to write a article on HCO...

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