Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Something else..

Tonight I decided to put the terrain projects aside and do something completely else, painting! It has been a while since I cracked open some paint pots so it was a time to but the new Raphael´s to test. So I cleaned (!?) my workbench and set up my painting studio.

The plan was to paint some Zombizide figures because Guillotine Games announced season two for Zombizide so I have to get the old ones in colors before this must-buy-product!

I used Army Painters leather brown for basecoating. I like to paint on a brown base because a) the shadows are IMO more natural than straight black ones and b) it´s easier to spot all the details compared to white or black basecoat.

Of course because I haven´t painted for ages the first pot I opened splashed on to the table. What a great start. It was also my last pot of Devlan Mud so I have to soon start looking for replacement product. I have heard that GW´s current brown wash isn´t even near the old one. That´s ok because I have been stearing my choises to another companys products anyhow.

The plan was to take five miniatures and use mainly the same colors on them to speed up the process. After an hour I was at this point.

There is 71 figures in Zombicide so at this pace (the figures aren´t even ready) it will take something like 14 hours to paint all of them! Darn, have to speed up the process alot!!
One reason for this slow pace are the Raphael brushes. Holy Cow how good these brushed are!! I have known what snap means but now I really KNOW what good snap means! I so wish that I would have been wiser sooner and bought these instruments along ago. Well, live and learn. It is really a pleasure to paint with these.

To speed up the painting I will use the following plan on the future figures:

  • Over the basecoat I paint the main colors (duh!!)
  • Overal shading wash for the whole figure
  • highlight with the same main color or one step brighter to give some variation
  • maybe some blood splatter and then move on to next batch!

Of course the survivals will get extra attention but I don´t paint them yet.

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