Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Door for the sewers/crypt..

I wrote on some forums that there is a sewer complex under the city. One entry to the sewers is from the harbor through the sewer conduit.

Because the citizens don´t burry those who has past away but give them to the sea they need some place to keep the dead before the ritual. For this purpose there is a crypt in the sewers and one hex represent the entry to the crypt.

Because I always have multiple projects under construction at the same time (which is NOT a good thing time-wise) I had moved this entry to the side for some time. Now it was time to construct a door for it. Base was made from 5mm foamboard and thin plastic strips was used to mimic metal plating.

 I made the hinges from two different sized plastic tube.

The handle is a metal ring bought from a hobbyshop and I also added small metal plate to the door.

I planned to make some symbols on the metal plate but decided to use this metal ornament which I bought from closing-down sale of one craftshop for really, really good price. I will use these also to decorate the hex.

 Here is the door glued in it´s place. The torches are made from plastic tube, cake decorations and some Hirt Arts casting.

After some thought I realized that those flames are so big and close to the door that it would be quite interesting to try to open it. Well, not going to do anything about it!

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