Sunday, 10 February 2013

In the Zone!

Some times when you do something you just hit the zone and let the feeling guide you. Today was my day. The flu passed and when I started to work on the well I was hit by a crystal clear vision of the finished product. Well, not the actual finished version, just the thought and certainty of something very nice looking. Hard to explain, let the pictures talk.

 I glued some foam on top of the pilars to create a hat for the well.

Then I cut four different sized circles from foamboard, glued those together and on top of the hat.

I used some wall spackle to cover some holes and protect the edges of the board and foam.

Then I used poor man´s etched brass, peelable stickers, to give the hat some texture.

I also glued some Hirts Arts bits to the side of the well.

Because this is a well I wanted something more to really make it to look like one. I have made some detailed work before but this time I really managed to make something quite good looking.

I started by cutting some circles from plasticard and drilled some holes in those.

 Then I cut little bit bigger circles and cut those in half.

Little bit drawing, some holes and more cutting.

Then I glued those on each side of the smaller circle and glued the whole thing to the under side of the well´s hat, a winch!!

 Winch needs a rope so I made a anchor for the rope from brass wire which was glued on a small plastic strip. Then I took some self made rope and twisted it around the anchor.

Another Hirts Arts object and some thin wire to make a bucket. I also made a hook from short piece of rope and some thin metal wire.


Then it was just a matter of assembly.

Although I didn´t plan this at all but just followed my guts, I felt that it still needed something to fullfill my initial vision. So I took a button and some cartboard.

I used the edge of tape to make some arched decoratives.

Again, some assembly.

Holy sh*t, I LIKE!!!!

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