Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The well continues

Although I´m quite sick at the moment, I managed to fight myself to the hobbyhut with the help of my wife´s homemade applepie + vanilja icecream and godlike determination. I worked 20 minutes and returned to the pie..
I dryfitted and then glued the depron caps on to the well using normal PVA glue. Then I glued first columns with pins on place.
Note to myself: Superglue does NOT melt depron like it melts ordinary foam!!
After some though I realized that because the well will be removable and may encounter some "rough handling", I should have pinned the pilars to the plastic sheet under the whole construction. This would have made the well much more sturdier.

 To compensate this I drowned the depron caps with PVA glue hoping that it would make the bond strong enought.

Then some drilling, pinning and glueing and the pilars of the well were looking like, well pilars!


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