Monday, 28 January 2013

New stuff...

Last week and today I finally got my latest orders from various shops. Biggest one was a box of foamboard which I got in a really reasonable price. There´s 10 A3 size boards and it cost me 28 euros! Great!!

Most of this stuff is going to my 3D Zombicide board which will be kicked off very soon!

Then my order from Ecscenics contained a add on to my hot wire cutter from Woodland scenics.

I have had hard time to cut straight corners from foam and I have thought about this product for a long time. The black plastic thinggie should act as a guide and help enormously when trying to cut straight. I will make a review of this to HCO soon. I also orderer some tree armatures and some special glue from Ecscenics but those will arrive later.

Maybe the most anticipated package contained some brushes.

Oh yes, those are Raphael 8404!! I have painted with GW´s brushes always and hated those all the way. The reason why I haven´t moved to another brand was the though that the quality of the brush wouldn´t be a factor on my skill level. Well it is!! A while ago I tried Army Painters brush and although that brush wore out pretty quickly I realized  how much good brush matters. Why Raphael? Because Ghool says so and when Ghool says something about painting you better listen boy! I will return to this subject later when I have spend some time with the new and shiny brushes.

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