Friday, 25 January 2013

Photo session with LOTR miniatures (Miniature Gallery Updated)

This has been on my todo list for ages but just haven´t had the right mood for it. Kickstart for this session was to find a reasonable priced tripod for my camera and now all my excuses were wiped off.
So yesterday I walked to my hobbyhut, set up my near professional level photocorner, searched all the little dusty boxes were I storage my minis and started shooting! Here´s a photo of my gear:

There is two lamps from Ikea (I recommend) with daylight bulbs, scratchbuild ligthbox, Canon 500D (which is very reasonable priced these days) with kit lens and the tripod. I have to practise more but managed to get decent pictures.

It was actually quite fun because now I had the chance to work again with the miniatures that I had been painting for so long. The downside of this was that it reminded me how much there is still work to complete every miniature but that didn´t depress me, coin has always two sides!

You can check out the pics from the miniatue gallery and I will add some army photos as well when I find all the miniatures. However here is few of my favorites:

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