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So how deadly the Zombicide really is?

If the boardgame Zombicide isn´t familiar to you it was a phenomenal Kickstarter succes. by Guillotine Games. As the name indicates it´s all about survival and smashing zombies. Because the internet is full of reviews i won´t bother to write one but if you are interested you can check one from HCO

Ok so this isn´t a review nor battlereport. What then? This is just an example how magnificent and brutal this game can be. Yes, you have may guessed that I like this game, alot! One obvious reason is the fact that I can play this by myself.

I randomly picked my characters and ended up whit Doug, Phil, Wanda and Amy. Here you can see how the starting equipment was dealt.

I have decided that I will play the scenarious in the right order and won´t move forward until I have completed the previous scenario. I passed the tutorial with first try (it would have been quite sad if I hadn´t) but the scenario 01, City Blocks has given me a rather brutal welcome. Survivors start from the center bunker and the objectives are to collect all the objective tokens (with green on the map), find some food(canned food, rice and water) and reach the exit point.

  This will be my third try of the scenario. In the previous games I have kept the survivors together but now decided to split them in two groups: Doug and Wand, Phil and Amy. This way I have two fast moving survivors, door smashing items and some back up in both groups. Doug and Wanda headed to take the upper left objective while Phil and Amy went to get the center left objective.

Everything went smoothly for the first rounds. Doug got the objective and found katana and chainsaw. Amy also reached her objective and found a SMG from the same room. Looking good! Plan was that after this the groups would join their forces and clean the upper right house. Sadly I decided that before this Phil and Amy could also grap the objective from the near by house because there were just a few zombies wandering around and the distance was near to nothing.

Amy plasted the wandering zombies with her SMG (reaching the yellow level) and kicked the door in. Hello!! The house was occupied by two fattys and their skinny friends. Oh, did I have something to deal with the fattys, no!!

At the same time Doug smashed a door from the upper house. Hello!! What a (s)warm welcome!! (picture is after one zombie move phase)

Panic was knocking on my door. Now it was time to join forces and try something, like survive! Before this thou there was the always warmhearted zombie spawn phase. First card, 0 zombies! Second card, 4 walkers!! Third card, 4 more walkers!! At this time the storage of walkers depleted so all walkers got extra turn!! WHAT!?!?

No worries, don´t panic! Doug can just start up the chainsaw and make some zombie chow. While Doug jerked his saw, Wanda smashed few zombies with her pan. Doug got his saw running and it was running beaaauuutifully, resulting 10 chopped zombies!!! Last spawn card, 2 runners!! Holy sh*t, all the runners are on the board!! What does that mean? Extra turn for runners and consumed Doug and Wanda.

How about the other group? Well needless to say that they were also little bit too slow.


What did I do wrong?
  • The splitting of the groups was not a mistake but not to join forces after the two objectives was. If I hadn´t been too greedy I think that I could have survived longer.
  • Doug did not give Wanda the Katana that he found from the house. Because of this she didn´t have a chance when the zombies rushed to the same zone and she coudn´t use the pistol.
  • Well, I lost in four rounds!!
I like this game alot. I don´t mind about the rule that if you shoot in a zone which is occupied by another survivor you hit him first. This makes the melee weapons crucial to have and doesn´t make the guns too overpowered. I have seen things like this on the forums and without the shooting rule the melee weapons would be deserted.

From the game one I have had one house rule and that´s about searching. Forums are full of discussion about the searching rule and some people tend to camp in one room and use the search until everybody has as much equipment as they want. What a spoil!! I house ruled this so that every survivor can search the room once! This way they can have some equipment but not everything. I think that this is quite "realistic" and it might be the thing that has resulted my 0-3 record against the game!

Hope you liked this post. I will post more when I play more! Comments and critics are always welcome!

Now go and play/build!!


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