Monday, 21 January 2013

The Beginning..

Well, why new blog when there is triljons out there? 

I´m mostly a terrain maker and tend to post my projects on different forums to get some feedback and also give my own effort for the community. Because I don´t medle with only one genre or game it has been quite laborous to post about my proggress in numerous forums. In addition I submit time to time some terrain articles for Hand Cannon Online so it takes a fair amount of time to do all this.

Despite of this I like to bring my works under the critical eyes of the readers because this way I can improve my work and also my skills. So how to solve this dilemma? Create a blog! This way I don´t have to mind any genre specific boundaries or game related unwritten rules. Also I can write small updates of my thoughts or ideas which are not big enought for the HCO. Great!

I won´t completely abandon the forums but when I´m in a hurry, my order of posting will be here, HCO and then the forums.

I´m always open for good criticism so bring it on!

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