Saturday, 26 January 2013

Planning the well and some casting..

Planned more about the well on one city hex and dryfitted some pilars.

I´m thinking about adding some end caps also to these pilars. First tried with plastic but quickly moved to use thin foam, Depron. I should really use this stuff more. You can carve it like foam and because it´s thin you can wrap it around stuff (easy tile work for example to some tower).

At the same time made the first cast with my selfmade mold. These will be the end caps for the pilars on the statue hex. It seems that the mold works ok.

What is really fustrating is the fact that I haven´t still figured out how to coat/protect the corners of the hexes! I can´t move on to painting before the coating so things have slowed down a bit. I have tried woodglue, tape and "Goop". The "Goop" contains water, wood glue, acrylic caulk and some plaster. I have seen various videos from various terrain makers to use this but it wasn´t strong enought for my purposes.

I also planned to buy Foam Coat from Hot Wire Foam Factory but the shipping cost to Finland were obnoxious. Also Terranscapes recommended to use Boost with it and that combination seems to be near impossible to order inside EU. Well, have to continue the search!

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