Sunday, 27 January 2013

Day´s thoughts...

The last photo session with miniatures with all the setup and lights and arrangements and test photos and stuff got me thinking how versatile this hobby really is. If I hadn´t started playing with these little buddies I would have missed a lot of interesting stuff. Besides the painting and assembling of the figures I have had to study quite hard on many subjects to be here where I am now. This does not mean that I´m a professional about these subjects but because of the hobby I know much more than I would know without the hobby and I can use these skills and knowledge in other aspects of life also.

Here is my little list what I have learned thrue my "career":
  • Everything about painting. Studying "ordinary" art correlates also on figure and terrain painting. One HUGE source of inspiration has been Image FX magazine. Although it´s mainly about digital art, there is a lot to learn from the pages of the magazine and every issue is full of inspirational pictures. If you haven´t checked it out, start by browsing through the net site.
  • Working with different materials and equipment.  If somebody would have asked me ten years ago what kind of stuff would my hobbyrack contain nowdays, I wouldn´t have a glue. Different kinds of wood, plastic, metal and other materials. Chemicals, special equipment and glues. Different working methods and safety instructions. The list is long and keeps on growing..
  • Photography. Before this hobby I didn´t know nothing about photography but now I at least know that photo equipments aren´t cheap! =)
  • Writing. Through forum post, HCO articles and now blogging my writing skills are improved alot. My stories are still dull as hell but the spelling has improved (I hope)
  • Maths. From calculating odds in a game to measuring mold components or figuring out volumes, my math skills has refined alot.
  • Patience! When you have worked with some project for weeks and mess it up in seconds without mental brakedown, you know that you have learnd something about patience.
Because I´m a teacher I can´t help to think why schools doesn´t utilize this kind of fantastic hobby in curriculum? It´s interesting (when choosing the right figures), educational (all the points above) and social. I think that it would just need the right person to do something about it. Ofcourse that person should really know something about the hobby because if he/she would make the students paint Kingdom Death figures it would be a short experience!

Best part still is the fact that there is so much what you can study, learn and add to your projects that there is now end to this hobby! And if you follow what people do around the globe you can realize that our hobby is taking huge leaps and transforming all the time.

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