Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Zome Zombicide..

Game #4

Well it was time to tackle the infamous scenario #1 again!! Objectives are the same and today my survivors were Doug, Josh, Wand and Ned.

I decided to use the same plan as in the game #3 but without splitting the groups. Wanda rushed to open the door and what a suprise, a Manhole card! Fortunately just one walker emerged so rest of the survivors arrive to the rescue. But WHAT!! They can´t kill a one measly zombie and Wanda takes one for the home team! What a great start.

After some looting of the house (and objective) survivors prepare to rush out on smash some zombies which have been gathering outside of the house. Because Wanda found an beatifull, red chainsaw she decided to even the odds and walked camly outside.

The rest of the survivors looked how walkers and some runners had a feast with Wanda and thought that it would be a good idea to let the zombies come to them. And as you can see, things were heating up!

Survivors manage to mow down the first wawe of eggheads and Ned stumbled outside to hack the near by fattie to the ground with his axe. Josh was planning to join him but decided to search the room first and what a suprise! There was one walker lurking behind the couch! Josh tried to smash it with his pan but failed. Because Josh already had one wound from earlier fights Doug decided that Ned was the man how should be kept alive. Josh and poor zombie didn´t have a chance.

Unfortunately for Doug zombies got some extra turns, devoured Ned and crawled inside. Did SMG make 2 points damage? No.

 I were quite disappointed that I coudn´t make it even to the second building and then it hit me! I quickly skimmed thrue the rulebook and DAAARRRRNNNNNN!!!!!! Because I haven´t played this game alot and the mechanincs aren´t 100% in my backbone I had forgot that survivors could do three actions in a turn! I played this game with two. Although I live in a detached house I think that my neightbours heard me banging my head to the table!

Had to play a new game!

Game #5

Same scenario, same survivors, same equipment and now with three actions per turn.

Before I even noticed the survivors had looted three objectives and looted some nice stuff (including all important food).

Ned, Josh and Doug went ahead and cleaned the streets while Wanda were skating towards the guys. At this point all had reached yellow zone.

Wanda went to grap the fourth objective, Josh secured the back, Doug was ready to mowe down some zombies with his (again) twin SMG´s and Ned kicked in the next door, Crash!! Full house!! Fattie, walkers and runners. No worries, orderly retreat and let the guns do what they do best. But no! Extra turn for the walkers and some nifty spawning cards meant that things were looking quite interesting considering that two of my survivals were on the Orange zone!

Doug were caught pants down because he didn´t have anything else but SMG´s but Josh unleashed the secret art of nerd-jutsu and hacked down zombies with his katana. One still remained and bite Doug. Wanda and Ned also hacked down some zombies but decided to retreat to the room behind them.

Because walkers were depleted from the inventory they got some extra activations and rushed to eat some not-so-happy-meal!. Wanda and Ned readied their weapons and plasted out of the room while Doug let his SMG`s sing and Josh covered the blade of the Katana with zombie blood.

Needles to say that they were eaten.


  • Well the first game crashed to my stupidity 
  • The second game crashed to my stypidity
  • I think that the score is 0-5

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