Thursday, 18 September 2014

3D Zombicide board

When I first got Zombicide Season 1 and got hooked to it badly (and still am), I almost immediately decided to make an 3D-board for it. When I get fired up on something I´m always really burning!! I ordered a box of foamcore boards and cut twenty mdf-boards which would be the bases of the city tiles. Fortunately faith but some minor obstacles on my path (a baby girl) which directed my attention away for a while.

When Season 2 and now season 3 game knocking, I found that the fire still burned inside me. I still had all the materials so why not start the whole project? Blessed be that I´m heavily in to finishing my harbor board and I soon realized that this project would just be something that, at this time, couldn´t be finished. It would be also hard to decide which season would I build. I have played the Season 1 through and now starting to play season 2. I know that this would be a looong project so before the season 2 boards would be finished I would have finished the season 2 game play and maybe starting the season 3. Therefore the the season 2 tiles would not be in good use for a while.

These are the reason that drove me to put this project on hold for a while. I think that I will consider the project again when I buy these Hasslefree soldiers and start to play some modern wargames, I have visioned that I could somehow combine these figures with Zombicide and play somekind of military mission in it!?! Also Force on Force could be played with these soldiers and the 3D-city tiles. Well the future will tell!

Because I won´t tackle this project we can just marvel one hero who did and with a magnificent style! God bless internet! Make sure that you go through the whole thing, it only gets better!!

Lien from France is the wizard behind these masterpieces

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