Monday, 22 September 2014

Time goes too fast..

The gaming weekend came and went too quick as always! When you really immerse yourself in to the games the time just flies and when you have this kind of occasion once in 6 months it feels like an eye blink. That doesn´t take anything away from the experience but still feels too short.

We played many great games (unfortunately Warloc didn´t make the cut) but Zombicide was, like so many other times too, the king of the hill. It´s quite odd that a game can create even cinematic moments so often and Season 2 didn´f fail us! The thrill last for the whole game and now with the Zombivor-rules nobody has to be a side viewer for the rest of the game if grim reaper happens to cut you down early. I´m not going to bore you with a gaming report so here is just some photos:

Season 2, mission 1 starting There were few problems about the mechanics that I have to solve some way.
Who wants to go first?
Mission 2. Notice the basketball "players" in the left who just wait for somebody to free them to the hunt!
How about that, both fences were destroyed consecutively! SWARM!
Things looked little bit grim but behold! Glass bottles and some gasoline in the same room. Let the world burn!!
I also had the chance to photo some of my earlier works which are located on my friends bookshelf.
The trophy cup of our yearly Lord of the Rings Yber tournament.
I ordered these figures from UK and I still think that these rock! Can´t remember the game where these figures are from?
The great Mumakil from the Lord of the Rings SBG. Seems that one ear is lost in the fierce battles

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