Monday, 22 September 2014

If I had the time..

Well, what would I play if I had the time and some dedicated opponents? When I want to reset my brain from daily activities and all of the normal stuff I often, if I´m not working out, I browse through interesting games. I keep a list in my mind of these games in a hope that someday I will be able to own and play them. What are the top games that I haven´t played? Here is my top list(which is evolving constantly):


Star Wars, enough? I love the mechanics of the Wings of War (which I own) and what I have been reading through internet is that the mechanics in X-wing follow the same principles in a more complex way. All the different equipment´s and pilots make the whole thing even more interesting.

Miniatures are a huuuge plus for me and because those are pre-painted it wouldn´t  be another painting chore when acquired. Of course I would paint them, no doubt about that, but you got the idea. It would be also cool to paint your own galaxy in which the battles would be solved. There are inspiring examples of this on the internet and here is one of them from the DakkaDakka forum:

Mage Wars

In 1987 I won my first ever boardgame from the local fishing competition, which by the way was my last fishing competition to date. I was the only competitor in my age group and because I won, I had the opportunity to choose between VHS-player (yes I know that most of the readers don´t know what I mean, but that´s why google was invented youngsters) and a boardgame Warloc, the game of dueling wizards! My father wasn´t really pleased when I showed what I chose.

I loved the game where up to six wizards battled over supremasy and I like the game even now. It has a really nice eighties feeling about it. As soon as I saw the Mage Wars, I knew that this would be the rightfully successor of the Warloc after almost thirty years! My decision was carved to the stone after Tom Vasel, who´s taste of games seems to be very close to my, give it a straight ten and name it one of the best games in 2013. Remember that I haven´t actually played this game BUT I have read all the rules and watched play throug´s from youtube etc. so I know something about the mechanisms.

Only thing that keeps me from buying this game immediately is that it has no figures. If it would have some figures I could justify the buy by saying that it´s more a hobby project than a game that I can´t play for ages because I don´t have a opponent. I have used this tactic successfully against my rationality many times (Zombicide Season 1&2&3, Demigods..).

Star Wars, Imperial Assault

Star Wars, enough? This is a no-brainer for me. Because it has very cool miniatures it´s more a hobby project than a game that I can´t play for ages because I don´t have a opponent (sounds so familiar, eh?).

I think that this will be the next big FFG game with lots of new miniatures and mission backs in the footsteps of "quite" popular Descent. This also very strongly tickles my brains hobby side "could this be made in 3D?"

Ok, there is my three top games that I would love to play if I would have the opportunity. There are plenty of interesting games flooding the market now thanks to Kickstarter and it´s almost impossible to keep in pace with all of them!

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