Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Preparing for the loooong winter

In the middle of all the projects I finally started one of the big ones which has been postponed for too long, the rearrangement of my working station. There are three reasons for this.

  1. My son is showing some interest about painting and building stuff so of course I will make a place for him beside of my own
  2. I need more storage space for my hexes and the town gate so I upgraded one of the cabinets for a bigger one
  3. The winter and the cold is coming and that means that it´s almost impossible to paint the underpaint outside for the minis and terrain so I have to have a painting station inside. This means that I have to purchase a spray booth also because I use an airbrush. I will buy this one because it fits nicely on my desk and it has the extension hose which leads all the bad microparticle-stuff outside. This way my son can also try the airbrush safely.
Everything started with some screwing, measuring, mistakes, swearing, doing again, planning and all the usual stuff which occurs when I start to do something. 

I will also relocate the lights, my music speakers and all the cords. Now it´s the chance to make the place well worth of spending some quality hobby time!

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