Thursday, 18 September 2014


I mentioned earlier that I packed up the Zombicide Season 3 with quite a hefty amount of cash. I originally planned just to get the base set but soon realized that there were just too much cool stuff to leave on the shelf and therefore my Visa got a really bad beat down! After this I swear that I wouldn´t pledge anything BUT BEHOLD, something always comes up!

Demigods: Rising had me already with the fantastic figures and the artwork ( I´m a sucker for beauty) but when I saw the Beast of War´s preview of the game mechanics I realized that I had to get this game. Only down side of all my recent boardgames and new-bought games are the fact that I don´t have any playing company in my area. If there would I think that X-wing would have been ordered long time ago to our household.

Well why did I then order Demigods if I don´t have a playing company? Well the figures are one thing but I really hope and wait that my son will be my next hardcore gaming buddy. He is only three at the moment but we have already played chess and ticket to ride (with heavily modified rules) with a great pleasure. Of course he has been with me when I´m painting so his really interest about miniatures also. It´s funny to think that this vision will maybe happen in three to four years at the earliest but that doesn´t bother me.

Although I don´t have regular gaming nights, this weekend will be different as I will navigate to my former hometown and meet my ex-gaming group. There will be fierce battles in Zombicide Season 2, King of Tokyo and maybe my old favorite Warcraft: The board game. I´m looking really, really, forward to this weekend!

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